The Scriptures and Preaching of God's Word


We believe the Scriptures are the primary means by which God reveals himself and his purposes to us, and that faith comes by hearing the Word of God (2 Tim 3:16; Rom 10:17).

We are committed to “expository preaching.” Expository preaching is preaching that takes as its main point the main point of the biblical text under consideration. In other words, it’s a commitment to let God, rather than the preacher, determine the outline and content of the sermon. Expository preaching is at the very center of who we are as a church because we know that we are ignorant and sinful. We need our holy and wise God to speak to us. In expository preaching, we listen to him.

Therefore, we want the defining sound of our corporate worship to be the Word of God preached. A pastor preaches an expository sermon each week, in which a portion of Scripture is explained and applied to us as we study books of the Bible together.

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Current Study


Our current sermon series is God's Path and Power for Revitalization.

In this 12-week series, we'll be walking a path with Jesus, looking at what the Scriptures say about the church. What is the church's identity? What is God's vision and mission for the church? What should the church value? How should it be structured? Our prayer is that God will use these studies to grow us as members as we recommit to becoming an increasingly healthy, multiplying, gospel church and serving our community with the love of Christ.